The door closed, shutting out the noise of the world. The bolt turned under the marten’s fingers, and he sank back against it with a sigh.

If he were a little more vain, he might think people were going out of their way to cockblock him. But Adam Stone wasn’t that vain. He showed himself off to advantage, and that was normally enough; not so much lately, though. The few girls who’d made eyes at him tonight really weren’t his type, even if his arrangement with Sam had allowed other girls; and the guys, while fair game for him, had apparently all been either committed themselves or after something else. He’d thought he was close – three times, at that; a nice wild turn on the dance floor, happening to rub hip to hip, eyes meeting, a bit of a spark greeting his gaze… and then, suddenly, nothing. Three times.

He’d never been so close to that much cock without getting at least some action out of it. And it had left him acutely aware of a deep-seated need to get stuffed.

Oh, well. He was a big boy now; he could take care of things on his own. (more…)