The Future is Furry

It was a small room. It could charitably be described as “cozy,” though the furniture was a bit sparse for that; there was a smallish set of shelves and an end table, both rather simple in style, the latter sitting beside an armchair that was really the room’s only point of comfort. On the other side of the chair was a small metal rack, with a few cables running over to the wall under a cover strip and diverging from there to different receptacles.

The red panda lowered himself into the chair with some trepidation. It was hardly the first time Alex had been in here; it was just that what he was about to do went so much farther than anything he previously had.

He leaned over the rack to flip a switch on the little box that rested there, snagging a cable that ran from it as he sat back up and settled himself.

Well, the only way to see how well this worked was to try it, right?


Laughter and animated conversation drifted out as the door opened. The mouse in the doorway grinned at the latest arrivals. “Hey, Alex! Hey, Rollie! C’mon in and get set up, you’re the last ones here.”

“Hey, Jake.” The fox on the doorstep shifted one hand free of his burden long enough to give the mouse a friendly cuff on the shoulder. “Haven’t been waiting too long, I hope?”

“Nah, it’s all good, Rollie. You’re still early. Hope you’re okay with the spots that are left, though, it’s getting kinda crowded in here.”