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There was a bit of awkwardness as we made ready to bed down for the night. No matter what I’d said earlier, how aware I’d been of the fact that the tents offered little barrier to what I’d been up to of nights and our occasional jaunts into the heather with someone or other had offered even less privacy, I wasn’t accustomed to being able to see anyone else nearby but the one I was lying with. Nancy hardly seemed less awkward about it all, and that was to be expected; but the others certainly had their share too.

Well, the other women did. Travis actually seemed rather eager, though he was sheepish about that in turn.

In the end, he wound up coming over to our side of the room. “I don’t think I could keep myself from enjoying what’s going on,” he admitted with a crooked smile, his tail curling. “Perhaps I should abandon any such pretence and just stay close, if you couldn’t mind?”

Remembering the time I’d had with him in the past, I wasn’t in any mood to complain. “That suits me well,” I admitted.

Nancy issued a quick nod, and a sharp bark of laughter. “It’s not my usual fare, but we’ve been close enough to each other on this trek, and saved all of each other’s lives earlier today. I don’t think it’ll be such an ill fate to be aware of your pleasure, no.”

I wasn’t entirely sure which one I wanted to observe more as they finished stripping down. Oh, some part of me was most definitely and properly drawn toward the small woman, compact and muscular under her well-kept fur. My nose certainly found much to interest it about her, and I drew in great lungfuls of her scent. But there was something so wonderfully different, so… so rich, about the unspoilt white of Travis’s pelt, broken only by the pink flesh already starting to rise in anticipation. And his own scents were hardly less appealing.

So distracted was I that I wasn’t quite as swift in shedding my own clothes as I might have been, and the two of them took it upon themselves to help me finish, Travis tugging my chemise free while Nancy instead took charge of my breeches. They snagged, at first, on the protuberance of my own eager manhood; with a soft chuckle, she tugged them away from my body, reached in to draw my flesh into the open, and then continued to slide the cloth off of my body.

Travis settled himself on the edge of the bed, sitting upon it, twisting to look our way and licking at his lips. Nancy, without much further delay, tugged me toward her even as she stretched out under me, hands and knees against the linen sheets, her tail brushing over my hip. I took the invitation in the spirit in which it was given: straightforward and without delay. I settled myself behind her, and, leaning over with one hand against her spine, guided my manhood into her with the other hand.

She was very snug around me; to even slip the head of my manhood into her took a bit more effort than I was accustomed to. Oh, it wasn’t difficult, and she was slick enough around it to keep it from being in any way uncomfortable, but the additional force needed to slip even that far was exhilarating; that much more so as I pressed in deeper. Her body gripped every inch of my flesh like a glove, and she muffled a keening whine against one of the pillows.

By the time I sank in entirely, any lingering apprehension I might have had about being observed had quite vanished. I set to my accustomed motions without another moment’s delay, drawing back until only the head of my shaft was within her folds, then plunging in deep again, feeling that hot grip enfold my length time after time. All the while, I heard Travis’s quickening breath beside us, heard the soft thump of his fist against his hip as he stroked himself hard and fast, heard the stifled sounds as he swallowed his own grunts of pleasure.

In the end, it was Nancy, not I, who was most distracted by his presence and pleasure; she twisted around, beckoning him forward. Curious, he scrambled in between us and the headboard; I slowed my motions somewhat to make the rearrangement a bit easier. Then Nancy ducked her head down, nuzzling at his thigh, muffling her soft cries against it rather than an unfeeling pillow.

And I… I was left free to lean past her head and start lapping at the crown of his manhood.

Matters proceeded swiftly from there. I was already feeling myself on edge; having the additional delights of Travis’s manhood against my tongue, and the responses that drew from his already-charged state, were hardly discouraging in the least. His touch to my ears was strangely tender; rubbing behind them, stroking their rims, gently nudging against the metal studs piercing through the right one – it was such a marked contrast to the vigorous stroking along my shaft that it proved surprisingly distracting.

And that distraction, in turn, allowed my pleasure to come upon me unsuspecting. I couldn’t be entirely sure when it struck, even; I was still sliding in and out of Nancy’s hot, clenching sex, still lapping hungrily at Travis’s crown, and suddenly the awareness struck that I’d drained myself into her, that the vertigo of release was sweeping over me.

Nancy slid forward, panting, off of my shaft; she shifted out to one side, lying against the outside of Travis’s leg and nuzzling at his manhood from his right side. I followed her cue, easing myself down to lick and kiss at it from his left, and I brought my left hand up and in as well, fondling his balls, drifting behind them. By the sudden catch in his breath, the surge of tension that went through him, it was the proper approach to take.

When I slid two fingers into him, he clenched his teeth against a whimpering moan, gripping my shoulder with his left hand, Nancy’s with his right. His head sank back against the headboard, the tip of his tail flicking against the sheets as that limb made a futile bid to raise up behind him.

And then his manhood was bucking, his fingers digging into my shoulder. Sticky liquid warmth flowed past my tongue, filling the air I breathed with its rich aroma. My tongue and Nancy’s kept stroking along that hot flesh, keeping those sticky drops from going any more than about halfway down, dancing past one another as we feasted on his rich cream.

By the time I turned my attention upward, for lack of anything more to lap up, he was grinning down at us, softly panting. The look of delight on his face, along with Nancy’s hand sliding fondly along my side, made for all the praise and affirmation I needed.

It was a small bed for even two people; with three on it, once Travis had slid down to lie properly between us, it was a tight squeeze indeed. But I’d not have had it any other way. The company was as comforting as the release had been satisfying; having any of us go to the fourth, empty bed would have only ended the moment prematurely.

And though the other two could have scarcely failed to notice what we were doing, at the very least we hadn’t distracted them to the point that they issued any protest or complaint.

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