Everything was perfect, of course.

Lazuli was getting used to that. Kenji Amber was a raev; perfection was a driving goal in his life. In this case, the perfection in question seemed to be that of a plan coming together. From school to home to dinner, transportation went without a hitch. They had a table reserved, and Kenji had ordered ahead; appetizers were laid on not two minutes after they took their seats. The meal itself took longer – he hadn’t ordered that on Lazuli’s behalf – but they had something to nibble on while they waited.

Entertainment was at Kenji’s home, his family being absent. Getting around that home was a bit interesting – it was built for quadrupeds, after all; only Kenji and his father out of his family were raev – but in that, Lazuli was aided for once by being small.

Curling up together on a pile of cushions and letting a movie go by was the nicest way he’d spent an evening in quite a while. It wasn’t much to watch, but it was nice in the background. It let them pay attention to each other, and Laz was quite happy to bury his snout against Kenji’s neck, drawing in the scents rubbed into his fur, hearing and feeling breath wash over his ears, the raev’s fingers gliding over him.

The raev sighed, stroking along Lazuli’s jaw. “You’re a delight, Laz,” he breathed. “It’s wonderful to be so close to you, and yet… I find myself wanting to be closer still. Would you like to…?”

“Lose the clothes?” the xi’lavri finished for him, nuzzling at his jaw with a grin. “That sounds… really nice.”

And that was that; Kenji’s deft fingers made it easy. In what seemed like no time at all, there they were, fur against fur, with the raev’s hands sliding over what Laz’s clothes had covered. Without a word spoken, verbally or mentally, Kenji’s touch might as well have screamed how much he enjoyed having Laz like this.

And so might the flesh pushing out of is sheath. Lazuli shivered at the sight of it, at the scent filling the air. The feel of it as his fingers wrapped around it was thrilling; no less so was Kenji fondling him in turn, coaxing him to readiness.

They needed no words. Motions and breathy cries – such were the cues they used to guide each other onward. Not that Kenji needed such guidance; with astounding ease he put an arch in Lazuli’s body, lapping over his throat as he cried out, drawing a half-dozen squirts of sticky white out of him.

Once the world had stopped spinning, Laz tried to return the favour, only to find his hands getting tired; even swapping between them, they were both starting to cramp.

Kenji touched his wrist, guided his hand down to wrap around the raev’s knot, and settled atop his fingers, coaxing him to squeeze. The resulting moan and shiver were exquisite. And squeezing he could still do, even as Kenji started shoving against his grip; he held on tight, trembling as the raev’s moans rose, shuddering hard when Kenji cried out, seed arcing from his bucking shaft and spattering Lazuli’s fur.

Presently, Kenji kissed his brow. Still breathless, he murmured, “And that, for a first?”

Lazuli shivered. Why did that remark feel so dissonant? He hadn’t done this with anyone else, after all. “That was… lovely,” he whispered, trying to sink back into the afterglow.

Indeed, it was perfect… except for that strange niggling doubt.