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The door opened, the door shut. A few car doors likewise opened and shut. The engine started, the car backed out onto the street, and then it sped off into the distance.

In the house it had left behind, at the living room window looking out onto the road, a snow leopard of about sixteen let the blinds slip shut and slid down onto the seat of the couch. He was a fairly tall lad, slender and toned, though his thick, pale-grey, darker-spotted fur made it difficult to see.

He couldn’t quite conceal the mixture of envy and longing on his face as his host stepped into the living room. Travis Hale was reasonably fit and knew it, but the panther he was visiting was in better shape than many grown-up athletes. At five foot nine, Aaron was pretty tall for his age, and he was solidly built, neither his light vest nor his rich, dark pelt concealing the smooth contours of muscle. As competition for dates, he was devastating.

Even as a prospect, he was pretty intimidating.

“If that was a quick meal,” Travis sighed, “I’d hate to see your parents’ idea of a banquet.”

Aaron snorted, sitting on the couch beside him. “For my folks, there’s no such thing as a simple meal if I’ve got company over. Even if I tell them it’s just a friend, I think they’re hoping I’ll settle down with ’em every time.”

Travis frowned, puzzled. “When did you – “

“I didn’t,” the panther admitted with a smile. “So I think they were definitely setting out to impress you.”

“I guess they kinda did,” Travis said, smoothing a hand over his stomach and half expecting to feel it bulging out. “God. No wonder you got so big.”

“If I didn’t exercise a bunch, I’d be as wide as I am tall,” Aaron laughed, reaching over to touch Travis’s jaw. “But, um… Did you still want a different sort of dessert?”

Travis bit his lip. They both knew what he’d originally come here for. And it wasn’t like they hadn’t already done stuff in the locker room. But somehow, here, in Aaron’s actual house, with his actual bedroom and actual bed not all that far off, things felt… different. More meaningful. Besides, that had just been a dare, a bet.

But he couldn’t ask for a guy more forgiving of inexperience.

“Yeah,” he breathed. “I wanna… I wanna know what it’s like, and I wanna know how to do it.”

“You’ve just gotta do what feels good, Travis,” the panther breathed, breath washing over the leopard’s neck. “And that’s different for different people.”

Travis shivered, letting his head tilt back, baring his throat for the larger boy’s attention. “Where… where should I start?” he whispered.

With a soft and not at all distressed sigh, Aaron sat back, smiling at him. “Wherever you like,” he said. “I’m pretty open, you can start wherever – and whenever – you’re comfortable. Don’t need to rush to it.”

Travis wasn’t sure if that was good or bad. Sure, it was good to know Aaron wasn’t going to force him to do stuff before he was ready – not that he’d thought Aaron would actually force anyone, but… expect him to, anyway. On the other hand, delay might just mean Travis would lose his nerve.

“Well,” Aaron said into the silence, “wanna play a game or something?”

“You go ahead and start,” Travis said, grateful for the out. Maybe he wasn’t quite ready to do more than just be close to the panther.

It was almost a surprise that a boy so physically active as Aaron even found time in his life for game consoles. Sure, he didn’t have the newest and shiniest, but he had some of the best classic RPGs and platformers out there. And even with these games, he was so… active, leaning this way and that, jerking the controller around, definitely not the picture of a gamer kid hunkering on the couch with only his fingers moving.

Damn it, this wasn’t right. Even if Aaron’s parents were gone all night – which Travis doubted was literally the case – there was only so much time until morning. So what was he doing, just sitting here, not getting to the stuff he’d been so glib about asking after earlier?

Why couldn’t he just reach over and touch the boy?

Actually, that was a good question… why not? He sure couldn’t think of any reason.

Aaron spared a moment to smile at him as he leaned against the panther’s side. God, the guy was gorgeous. Why hadn’t Travis made a move earlier?

Okay, Aaron always had girls around him. Often two or three were crowded on both sides, hands slipping into the vests and open shirts the panther liked to wear – probably for just that reason. And on some level, Travis had just assumed he should be looking at girls, too.

But now that he’d seen the panther in action, he realised that wasn’t going to happen. Not much, anyway. Girls just didn’t excite him like Aaron did, like the other boys in the shower had, even Mike – and if Mike turned him on, it couldn’t possibly be just because of winning personality.

So, yeah. Guys. Especially Aaron. He’d rather like to see the panther naked again, to see him hard…

Why not? Why the hell not?

What would it feel like, he wondered? Would it be like his own? Or would it feel that much different, only feeling one side of things? There was only one way to find out.

Aaron had been running up pretty much a perfect game, even with Travis cuddling against his side. His character missed an easy jump and fell off a cliff, though, when Travis’s hand settled on his lap, stroking through his khaki shorts.

“God,” the panther breathed, letting the controller down for a moment. “That feels nice, Travis. I don’t think I’ve had anyone go that gentle. Do it some more.”

Emboldened, Travis kept gliding his fingers along, seeing, more than feeling, the ridge rising in the other youth’s shorts. The throaty moan Aaron let out was intoxicating. That he could make someone else feel that good… He kept running his fingers along that ridge, tracing it, feeling around, especially, that wider bit near its tip.

“I want to see it,” he breathed, claw-stubs running along the zipper.

“Do what you want with it,” husked Aaron, shivering against his side.

So Travis hooked one short, blunt claw through the pull-tab of the zipper, his other hand crossing over, pushing down a little closer to the base, keeping sensitive flesh away from metal teeth. Watching the boy’s pearl-grey boxers poke through the gap was a sensation all its own, but not what he relished this time. His roaming fingers found the fly of Aaron’s boxers, and he fished that dark-brown flesh out into the open.

Wondering if something that felt nice for him did so for Aaron too, he ran the tips of his claws very, very lightly along that firm length. His answer, in the form of a whimpering moan, a sudden squeeze around his shoulders, and a snout pressed against his neck, was that it apparently felt even better. He let his fingers dance like that a few moments more, shivering as he felt Aaron kneading through his slacks in turn, as the panther coaxed him to hardness and stroked him right through the fabric, squeezing and tugging it against his aching length.

With a soft moan, he shuffled his hindquarters a bit further along the couch. Aaron let out a brief, frustrated whimper, lifting his head, watching him… watching and waiting, not rushing him at all. When the scent was too much to resist and Travis started leaning down, Aaron’s breath caught, the panther pushing right back against the couch to give him room.

It smelled… like Aaron, only more so. That was the only way he could think of to describe it to himself. Every little scent that identified Aaron was right down there too – his shampoo, a bit of sweat, all those little notes that made up his distinctive aroma, blended together with a rich, compellingly masculine musk.

Mindful of Mike’s experience rushing things, he didn’t dive right down. He sniffed at Aaron’s cock, flicked his tongue over it, heard the panther gasp, felt a hand settle atop his head. The taste was… interesting. Not quite so heady as stories had led him to believe, but he liked it all the same, and was all too happy to taste it some more, gliding his tongue across Aaron’s glans in light strokes that the panther seemed to enjoy very much.

But for all that enjoyment, it only seemed to excite the other male so much. It wasn’t enough on its own.

Travis brought his fingers in, eased them through the panther’s fly, felt around beneath. When he stroked over Aaron’s balls and heard the other boy gasp, he knew he was onto something. And, well, Aaron had said it could feel good down there, so… He felt a little farther back, behind that tight pouch, as far back as the clothing would allow –

“Oh, God,” Aaron moaned, clutching at the leopard’s shoulder. “Travis, I’m – “

It didn’t take a genius to fill in the rest, even when Aaron’s voice cut off with a gasp mid-word. It was going to happen… no, it was happening. It was really happening… Travis sucked in a quick breath, lapping lightly at Aaron’s glans – and something warm and sticky pulsed over his tongue.

That was what he noticed most – it was sticky. Oh, it had a very unique taste, no doubt there, and even if the taste was a bit weird, knowing what it meant made him crave more. He’d keep guzzling it down all night, if it’d make Aaron feel good to do so. But what made that hard was the way it clung to his throat. He didn’t quite gag, but by the time Aaron’s climax subsided and the youth sagged against the couch, Travis had quite a tickle in his throat.

He lifted his head, swallowed, and when that didn’t quite ease it, coughed a few times. Damn it. He’d hoped to put on a better showing than that…

“Oh, Travis,” Aaron panted, stroking the snow leopard’s pinned-down ears. “That was something else. That was great.”

“Really?” He’d felt so clumsy, and he hadn’t even got much in his mouth…

“Really. Once you started feeling around… man.” The panther let out a throaty chuckle, fingers stroking over Travis’s neck. “Feels weird in the throat, huh? Don’t feel bad, I couldn’t even get it all down first time I tried.”

Travis still felt a flush in his ears, but he let the panther coax him to sit up, lifted his arms when Aaron tugged up on his tee, and couldn’t help but smile when the panther knelt in front of him, attacking his belt with all the enthusiasm of a kid with a Christmas present. It wasn’t like they hadn’t seen each other naked lots of times before – hell, Aaron had got a good look at Travis’s cock, and then some, just a few hours ago – but he managed to make it feel… new. Special.

Once he’d slipped Travis’s pants off, Aaron knelt between his knees, fingers caressing the side of his firm arousal. “You want to know something, Travis?” he sighed, leaning in to nuzzle at the leopard’s thigh. “I’ve always thought the way you’ve got light fur but black skin was kind of hot.”

“You think so?” Travis breathed, staring down at the panther. Every other boy he’d seen had skin that was pink with some varying degree of brown – very dark, in Aaron’s case, but brown all the same. He himself was the only one he knew that was really black, and that had made him feel a bit odd.

“Yeah,” Aaron whispered, curling his fingers around Travis’s cock and giving it a squeeze that made the smaller boy arch up and moan. “I like it a lot. You’re one sexy guy, Travis.”

It would’ve been a lie to say “glad someone thinks so”, and Travis managed to catch the words before they left his mouth. “It’s nice to be noticed,” he panted instead, grinning down. God, the unrelenting touch of the panther’s hand…

“Let’s get to the bedroom,” Aaron breathed, his thumb stroking in circles atop Travis’s glans, driving the snow leopard into a tight, quivering, whimpering arch. “Then I can show you an even better thing to do with this…”

Travis bit his lip, excitement tempered by nervous apprehension, as Aaron stood up. “You, um… really want to go all the way with me?” he breathed. Some part of him was ecstatic; another, not inconsiderable, quailed in nervous anxiety.

“I really do,” Aaron confirmed, sliding an arm around the snow leopard’s shoulders and leading him onward. “But if you think it’s too fast, that’s okay, too.”

Travis swallowed. He might not get an opportunity like this again soon… “Let’s… try it?” he whispered.

The taller boy leaned over, nuzzling at his cheek. “Okay,” said Aaron. “We’ll see how it goes, yeah?”


Travis didn’t really take in much about the bedroom. The bed was soft and the lights were dim; that was about all that mattered, really. There was enough light to see Aaron’s silhouette setting their clothes on a chair, then moving over atop him, his eyes shining in the green glow of the alarm clock; that was all he was really looking at.

“Do you trust me for this, Travis?” the panther whispered, his breath stirring the paler youth’s whiskers and making him shiver.

“Absolutely,” he breathed, and meant it. In that moment, if Aaron had said he could walk across a swimming pool, he’d have given it a shot.

“God, Travis, you’re so beautiful.” Aaron sat back a little, and the snap of a flip-top filled the room. “And I thought I’d never get to do anything like this with you. But here we are…” His fingers found Travis’s erection, wet and a little chilly. As the snow leopard gasped, bucking up at the cool touch, the panther’s fist closed around his length, smearing the slippery stuff coating them onto it, his touch warming it

Panting, Travis sank against the bed – but Aaron wasn’t nearly done yet. He cradled the leopard’s arousal with his fingertips, sat up over him – and eased that now-slippery length in under his tail.

For a moment, Travis didn’t know what to do. His first thought was one last, desperate, Can that possibly feel good? But then his aching glans was rubbing against the panther’s body, and Aaron was arching over him, moaning, and he knew that for both of them, the answer was a resounding yes.

God, the panther felt so warm, sinking down around his shaft. So warm, and so smooth.

Their bodies met, and Travis shuddered. Aaron was straddling him, panting, his length once more at rigid attention, the tip shining in the clock’s light. Travis lifted a hand, curled it around that dark flesh, heard the panther gasp and felt him buck forward, felt a sudden tightness around his own length… He didn’t really have a good angle, but he did the best he could, stroking Aaron’s shaft as the darker youth bounced and squirmed atop him.

Groaning, Aaron leaned over, fingers sinking into the sheets by Travis’s head. “That thing,” he husked, “must be curved in just the right way. You wouldn’t believe the places you’re touching in me, Travis… how good it feels…”

“Feels pretty good for me, too,” Travis protested, a little breathless. Having the panther leaning over like that sandwiched his hand between them; he couldn’t do much but squeeze.

That, apparently, was enough. Groaning, Aaron thrust faster, harder, lifting an inch or two away from Travis’s hips, driving into his fist, then sinking back again. Not one inch of his own length escaped the silken embrace of Aaron’s body, sliding up, down, up again… Each time the boy squeezed around him, his hips lurched up, driving toward the panther all on their own.

All too soon, he felt a sudden surge inside him, and whimpered, moaning Aaron’s name, trying desperately to hold it off but knowing he was doomed to fail. The panther, damn him, only made it worse, squeezing and lifting up, then sinking back down onto Travis’s twitching length, stroking him with that most intimate spot until he gave way; he cried out, surging upward, the room spinning around him as his load pumped into that waiting body.

How long it lasted, he couldn’t quite say. Not long enough, not by far… he doubted it ever would. Far as he could tell, he’d shot a half-dozen times under the panther’s tail, and though he couldn’t feel his seed rushing out of him, still the pleasure held him, still he squirmed and thrashed – and somewhere in it all, he heard Aaron cry out, felt sticky wetness arcing over his chest, smelled the intoxicating scent of the other boy’s semen. It was paradise.

And it couldn’t last; bit by bit, the haze of pleasure receded. Aaron sank atop him, and he wrapped his arms around the darker youth, squeezing him tight, both their pelts getting matted with the panther’s copious seed.

“That was amazing,” Travis whispered, his shaking hands caressing Aaron’s arms as the other cat clung to him in turn.

“God, yeah,” Aaron breathed against his neck. “You can do this to me anytime…”

Travis couldn’t help but blush, picturing the shower room again, maybe with Jon watching, the tiger idly stroking himself – He whimpered, a shudder racing through him.

“Mmm…” Aaron shivered in turn, biting his lip. “I think some part of you likes the thought, huh?”

Aaron eased off of him, each of them shivering at the sensations going through their sensitive bodies. He eased himself to the bed beside the panting snow leopard, a hand splaying over his chest. “Talk to me, Travis,” he murmured. “What do you think?”

Travis shook his head. He couldn’t bring anything to mind but a cliché, so that was what he wound up saying. “I think that’s the best thing I’ve ever felt, Aaron.”

The panther got an absolutely goofy grin on his face. “Oh, Travis…” His hand sliding along the snow leopard’s side. “If there’s anything you want to know or do, just ask, okay?”

“Just hold me, for now?” Travis urged. “We can… can do more later. More here, or maybe watch a movie, or I don’t know…”

“There’ll be time,” Aaron agreed, kissing his brow. He eased the snow leopard onto his side, then shifted in behind him, their bodies nestling together, the panther’s hand splayed over his stomach.

Travis closed his eyes, letting out a sigh. His heart was racing far too much to sleep, but in that moment, he felt safe, secure, even loved. And he knew that if he wanted something more, Aaron would gladly provide it.

And in that moment, that was enough for him.

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