Blake had been right about one thing. It was bloody hot.

The evening should have brought with it a bit of relief from that heat. But even after he’d returned the rental truck and caught a bus back to the dorm, he’d still needed to actually unpack the things Blake had helped him move in. And unfortunately, the dorm room only had a single window.

Goddamn dorms. Blake had no idea how good he had it, moving in off campus. A proper house. No massive horde of students around. A proper room, with a chance for some actual air movement. Space that wasn’t shared by dozens of people.

As Charlie pushed back into the room, shirtless and still damp after a badly-needed shower, his gaze settled on the unoccupied bed, and he glared at it.

No roommates. Housemates, sure, but no roommates. Damn it. He hadn’t seen hide nor hair of his yet, but he could hardly expect that luck to hold all year.

Sighing, he threw his towel over a hook and half-sat in, half-fell into the desk chair on the side of the room he’d claimed and opened up his laptop, thumbing the power button and closing his eyes. At least the moving-in bit was done now, all his suitcases nested together and shoved into the back of the closet. The place was still bland, but at least this part of it was his, so much as he could manage for the moment.

And it could have been worse. Instead of being bland, the decor – and the sheets – could have been something eye-stabbingly garish. Or sterile. He could always hang posters or whatever, but short of wallpapering the place with them, none of that would have helped if it had looked like a hospital room.

A soft jingle let him know the computer was ready, but he just rested a few moments more; he was in no particular hurry. When a different sort of beep informed him he had a message, though, he cracked his eyes open and took a look at the screen.

When he saw who had messaged him, he grinned in spite of himself. Hey, Ears! it said. Got settled in there, huh?

Jackie was a good, fun girl. He’d never actually met the otter in person – she lived across the country, and him going a few hours from home for college hadn’t changed that – but they’d known each other online for years. He cracked his knuckles and sent back, Yeah, yeah. Welcome to the wonderful world of dorm life, or something. You too?

Yeah, she sent after a moment. Then, My roommate’s a cool girl. Got it together, easygoing, totally hot. You’d like her!

The caracal chuckled. Yeah, Jackie knew him. Tease, he typed.

Get your ass over here sometime and I’ll show you how much of a tease I can be. πŸ˜› Still single?

At that Charlie laughed out loud. I was before I moved in, you know that. Haven’t exactly had time to go on a date yet!

Well, I dunno, you could have met some cute chick who helped you move in! God knows we had a few guys offering to help. A few of them even didn’t seem like total sleazes! πŸ˜‰ None of them are boyfriend material, though, at least not yet.

Grimacing, Charlie sent a quick πŸ˜› across the line. Yeah, he knew the total sleaze type she was referring to. Unfortunately. If any girls were paying attention, I’m sure they paid more attention to my friend Blake anyway. You remember him, right? He’s not even living on-campus.

Oooh, lucky boy. Poor you, though. πŸ™ What’s your roomie like? Or did you get a single room?

I’ll survive, he typed. Then, I wish. πŸ˜› Roomie hasn’t showed up yet, though. It’s 9:00, I don’t know if they’re even letting people move in still. It’s not like classes start TOMORROW.

Oooooooooh. I think that’s what they call an “opportunity”, isn’t it, kitty?

Charlie took a deep breath. Oh, yeah, they went way back. Had something in mind to fill it?

Well, now that you mention it, I WAS kinda hoping for one last look at you while you’ve still got a bit of privacy for it. πŸ˜‰

Grinning, Charlie ran a finger along the top edge of his laptop, flipping the camera open. Your roommate won’t mind? πŸ˜‰

Pffft. She can’t see the screen and I’ve got headphones on. πŸ˜‰ It’ll have to be one-sided, though. πŸ™ I’ll do what I can to help you along, but you can just lie back and enjoy yourself, mmm? But I wanna see every drop of that ‘enjoyment’. πŸ˜‰

He bit his lip. Well, damn, this evening might not be a total waste after all.

He spent a few moments in contemplation as he fiddled with cables and brought the laptop over to the bed. If they’d been a little closer, maybe they’d have dated. Maybe not; sure, they had a spark in their at-a-distance relations, but he could imagine them getting sick of each other if they were around each other more than that. Still, there was a bit of a spark, and as she was understanding, he tried to be, too; and when neither of them had a more immediate relationship, well, it was always nice to know there was someone who found him hot, even if she was across the country.

His shorts were already feeling tight by the time he got his belt undone, a swell rising in the boxers underneath before they, too, slipped off and fell into the hamper. Mindful of the laptop and the pair of cables leading to it, he eased past the thing and settled onto the bed. When he looked down at the screen again, he found another message waiting: Should I take this conspicuous silence as promising? πŸ˜‰ Call when ready, hon.

A quick look at the menus confirmed that things were set up as he needed them; he hit the Call button, and after a couple seconds of ringing, it picked up. “Hey,” he said aloud. “How’s the sound?”

Just fine, she typed back at him. No picture, though. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

Laughing, he hunted for buttons and turned on the outgoing video. The preview box told him it had a nice view of his collarbone; he hunkered down a little to get his head in the picture, grinning. “Yeah, yeah. I’m working on it, babe. Now, like I said, I don’t think my roommate’s gonna show up this late, but if I grab the sheets, you’ll know it’s ’cause I heard a key in the door, okay?” A few more taps bumped up the font size a few spaces.

Sure thing, big ears. πŸ˜‰ How’re you doing over there? Looking forward to one last fling?

With a grin, Charlie stretched out, nudging the laptop farther along the bed. “See for yourself,” he replied, wiggling around until the preview showed his midsection, showed his other hand curled around his half-hard cock.

Ooooooo, she typed at him. Then, Looks tasty. I’d love to curl my hand around it and give that head a few licks.

Shivering, Charlie closed his eyes and imagined it. Imagined that someone else’s fingers were gripping his cock, that her warm breath was washing over his bare skin, that her tongue was pressing against his glans, sliding over it, bathing it. Yeah. He let his moan out freely, giving himself a squeeze. When the beep of another message reached his ears, he cracked his eyes open, looking down at the screen to see her next suggestion.

So she led him on. Sure, it wasn’t the same as actual sex, but then, he didn’t have an actual girl in the actual room, and it was actually nice. He didn’t have to conjure the imagery on his own – she guided his thoughts, let him imagine her fingers sliding along his cock, coaxing it to full attention, her other hand cupping his balls, her muzzle sliding down along his cock, her tongue curled against it.

And when she’d had him moaning for a few minutes of that, well, unlike if she’d actually been doing him in person, he didn’t have to imagine fiddling with a condom before he imagined her pushing him onto his back, straddling him, and taking him into her.

The details got kind of fuzzy at that point. He squirmed against the fresh sheets, moaning and gasping, his hand flying along his cock. He was barely able to focus on the screen, to see her urging him on, telling him how hot he sounded, how much she wanted to see that cock come alive in his hand, to see it make a sticky white mess all over him.

He didn’t keep her waiting long.

He had no need whatsoever to fake the deep groan that welled up in him as pleasure surged through him, and he didn’t spend any effort in the least to dampen it, either, any more than he did with those that followed. Porn star he wasn’t; still, the first pungent squirt shot a couple inches up from his swollen glans before it spattered over his hip, and those that came after, while not quite so forceful, were still reasonably plentiful as they pulsed out of his cock and flowed down over it, over his fingers as he clutched the base of it, bucking up into his fist.

As the rush faded, he sank back against the bed with a long, deep groan and closed his eyes, savouring the feelings, the last traces of the images she’d painted for him. The computer beeped a few times; when he opened his eyes at last to look down at it, the last message was teasing his silence and stillness. Just before he caught his breath to respond, another one arrived: Guess you needed that, huh?

“Guess I did,” he panted, grinning, though the camera wasn’t aimed high enough to catch it. “Damn. Thanks, Jackie, you just saved me from a really boring night.”

Glad to oblige, sexy. *liiiiiiick* Then: Want to dig out your headset and get some actual, roommate-friendly chatting in? Or do you need to go shower? Again? πŸ˜‰

“I’ve got a cloth around here,” he replied, slipping his clean hand under the laptop and lifting it up so she could see his grin. “‘sides, where would the fun be in just washing it all away?” He held his other hand up between his face and the camera, slipping two sticky fingers into his mouth and licking them clean.

It was not and would never be his favourite taste, and the sticky feel was something he never quite got used to, either. But the reaction was usually so gratifying.

No less so in this case, so much as the medium allowed. Ooooooh. Dammit. Now who’s being a horrible tease? πŸ˜› You know how much I’d enjoy blowing a guy if I knew he wouldn’t mind me sharing it with him.

“Gotta get a rise out of you where I can,” he laughed. “It’s only fair.”

Moving the laptop back onto the desk, he reached into the drawer for the wireless headset and hooked it around his ear. As the otter’s chipper greeting sounded in his ear – as though she hadn’t just been getting a very good look at him already – he dug into his toiletries for a washcloth.

Maybe dorm life wouldn’t be so bad after all.