Fabian Springvale.

That was how everyone knew him, now. Everyone at the studio, everyone who saw his work, all his friends and acquaintances – even he himself was starting to think of him with that name. It was a good name, his agent had said, a beautiful name. A name that’d draw more attention than Darren Cooke.

Well, it and he had certainly drawn attention, all right. Maybe the world of adult entertainment wasn’t the grandest arena out there, but he’d found his place in it, and it had brought him enough success to be happy with. A job he enjoyed – even on the days where things didn’t go quite right and sex felt like work, he was still in his element. A nice flat – not the biggest of spaces, but big enough, and well enough appointed, to feel luxurious. And good company.

There was lots of good company, that was for sure. And a fine example of it was still dozing beside him.

The unicorn turned his head to gaze over his guest. There was plenty to see; Tristan wasn’t the biggest man Fabian had ever met, but he was certainly up there.

In more ways than one, though only the most obvious showed right at the moment.

Fabian touched his fingers to the dragon’s cheek, smooth black scales sliding under his fingertips as they trailed along the younger man’s jaw. Tristan shifted slightly into the touch, making a soft, pleased noise, but didn’t otherwise stir.

He was a good kid, Fabian thought, from the venerable perspective of his late twenties. Eager to do a good job at work – and if that meant having great sex, so much the better. He’d been just as eager to hang out for some drinks afterwards, and while there’d been no mistaking his interest in Fabian, he hadn’t been pushy. Oh, he’d made little overtures here and there, but they’d been careful, respectful – a touch to the shoulder here, a light embrace there. And when, under the safety of the tablecloth, Fabian had let his hand wander into the dragon’s shorts, the bigger man had just sighed and leaned in against him – and hadn’t uttered a word of complaint when the unicorn had pulled his fingers away.

He’d certainly been eager, too, when Fabian had suggested Tristan spend the night at his place, and maybe the next day as well. And good hours they’d been, too. Nothing nearly so heavy as work had been, but cuddling up close, letting hands wander a little, all with no particular urgency… good hours.

Not that either of them couldn’t have got off again. The amount of time each had had his hand on the other’s hard cock, and the moments both had together, had certainly proved they had no trouble getting it up again, certainly. But they’d had plenty of orgasms in the course of the day; just making out for a while, without any pressure for more, had been very nice, and gradually winding down to sleep had been just as satisfying, in a different way, as any climax Fabian could recall.

Still, that had been last night. Today, he’d woken up beside a very sexy man, he had the day off, and he was horny again.

It could wait for a little bit, though. For now, he eased himself out of bed, moved around it as quietly as his hooves would allow, and leaned down to brush his lips against the sleeping dragon’s cheek. A soft sigh greeted his touch, but Tristan stayed right where he was.

Well, fine. He’d been doing the greater share of the work at the studio yesterday; he deserved to sleep a little longer. Besides, he was the guest, and the unicorn was his host; the host, not the guest, ought to provide some breakfast.

The noise of the frying pan didn’t allow him to hear the dragon moving about, but he did hear the toilet flush; shortly thereafter, just after he’d set the spatula down, Tristan loomed behind him, nuzzling at his ears. “Mmm, hey,” the big man rumbled. “Thanks for last night.”

“Oh, I don’t think we’re done yet,” Fabian chuckled, leaning back into the dragon. His free hand slid over scales on Tristan’s hip, on his thigh. So he’d been just as concerned with clothes as Fabian himself; good. “Thanks to our performance yesterday, we’ve got the day off, remember? Seems a shame to let it go to waste.” His roving fingers found softer flesh, just a little firm under his touch, and curled around it.

“True,” Tristan sighed over his ears, shifting slightly to one side before pressing forward into the unicorn’s grip. “Got something in mind, do you?”

“I’ll let you know after breakfast,” Fabian replied, reluctantly letting go. It felt really nice to have the bigger man swelling in his grasp, but he didn’t want to be too much of a tease. “Bacon and hash browns good for you?”

“Add the coffee I hear brewing over there,” the younger man murmured against his cheek, “and you’ve got a deal.”

Fabian laughed, giving a pat to his thigh. “Mugs are in the cupboard above it, and there should be enough brewed for one at least. Help yourself before I get any more distracted.”

Laughing as well, the dragon gave a kiss to the side of Fabian’s neck, and then drew away.

There wasn’t much to be said about breakfast; neither of them exactly gulped down their food, but they did eat fast enough that there wasn’t much room for conversation. Just a bunch of eager looks that made quite plain that both of them fully intended to head back to the bedroom after breakfast was done. Tristan proved himself a keeper again when they were done; rather than just leaving the dishes where they were, or at best on the counter, as Fabian himself was tempted to do, he went right for the dishwasher to tuck them away.

Yeah, he’d be a nice guy to have over from time to time. Maybe even on a regular basis. Didn’t hurt that, for such a big guy, he moved so… so fluidly. Every step had a certain note of caution to it, and taken all in all, that translated into a certain smooth grace that was really quite alluring. Nor did it harm his case at all that he was naked through all this, his heavy cock already a bit stiff in anticipation, swaying with his steps.

“So what did you have in mind?” he asked again, curling an arm around Fabian’s shoulders for a brief squeeze, then stepping back and letting the unicorn lead the way.

“Oh, I’d thought of digging through my toys,” Fabian admitted. “Maybe get a private reprise of your ‘Barely Legal’ performance…” He trailed off into reminiscence for a moment. The unseen cameraman confirming that yes, he’d seen the dragon’s ID, and yes, said dragon had only turned 18 that day, despite looking like he was in his twenties. The foot-long silicone dildo, suction-cupped or taped or something to the weight bench. The dragon’s own rigid cock, rubbing right up against the toy, proving that despite how big he was, it was bigger. And then he’d sat right down on it in one long, moaning stroke… Fabian shivered. “But I think I’d rather have a more… personal touch.”

“Oh yeah?” Tristan’s hands slid over his ribs and down. “Don’t all the stories say that only virgins get to ride a unicorn?”

“Smartass,” Fabian laughed, swatting Tristan’s leg with his tail. “’All the stories’ are written by prudes. You’re not calling me a prude, are you?”

“My head would explode if I even thought it,” Tristan assured him.

“Good boy.” Fabian leaned over to dig in his nightstand, letting his tail ride up between the dragon’s thighs, rubbing against his cock and balls. “I’d say something about not keeping you waiting, but I think we both know that I want it, too.”

The dragon’s fingers brushed over his wrist and along his fingers, touching one of the little packages he’d pulled out of the drawer. “Mmm. I guess we should try to stay in that habit, huh?”

There was some wistfulness in his tone, sure, but Fabian didn’t blame him for that; he felt much the same. There was not, however, any trace of objection; just mild resignation. Good. “Don’t get me wrong, stud,” Fabian said, peering over his shoulder at Tristan’s matching wistful expression, his small smile. “I liked the chance we got, and I’ll gladly scarf a load down now and then. But we shouldn’t take too many chances.”

“Oh, it’s cool,” Tristan said, nuzzling at his jaw, giving it a light lick. “Just one condition.”

By the playful note in his voice, Fabian didn’t think it’d be a bad one, but he arched an eyebrow anyway. “Oh?”

And then Tristan was tugging lube and rubbers out of his hand. “Yeah. I get to prep you,” he husked.

Now that was a condition Fabian could agree to. Laughing, he rolled onto the bed, stretching out belly-up.

Tristan didn’t waste any time; he slid onto the bed after him, crouched down between the unicorn’s legs. Setting the supplies within arm’s length, he hunkered down a bit lower still, fingers cradling the base of Fabian’s cock as his lips and tongue stroked upward from there. Fabian let a groan slip free, hands bunching up the sheets as the dragon engulfed his glans, teasing the rim of it with that deft tongue, fingers drifting down over the unicorn’s balls and nudging behind them.

With that kind of dedicated attention, it didn’t take long at all for him to be quite hard indeed; and no sooner had he got there than Tristan lifted off, grinning up at him. “You got any particular attachment to coming while I’m on top of you?”

Fabian shrugged a little. “For a mouth like that? I can be flexible.”

“Good,” the dragon said, tearing one package open and gingerly extracting the contents. “’cause I’ve got plans for this, but first I’m gonna get you sticky.” With that, he rolled the rubber down Fabian’s cock with quick little teasing strokes.

It wasn’t going to make him come early. He’d been in porn for years; he could handle having a rubber put on him. But it was a nice feeling, having it done that way for him. No less so when Tristan followed up by putting a squirt of lube on his own palm and giving the unicorn’s newly-coated length some quick but thorough strokes. The dragon’s tongue was poking out the side of his mouth in almost comical focus; when he sat up, it was easy enough to see that he, too, was rigid.

“Pass that up here,” Fabian suggested, when the dragon looked about to drop the lube off to his side. He took the bottle in one hand, holding his cock upright with the other, and he drank in the sight of the dragon towering over him, heavy pink flesh over a backdrop of muscular stomach, equally-muscular chest heaving…

There was nothing complicated about what came next; Tristan just moved forward a little and sat right down on his cock. He didn’t do so in a particularly sexy manner, as far as the sensation he subjected Fabian to was concerned, but he got the angle right the first time, so it wasn’t uncomfortable, either.

What really made it was the look on the dragon’s face, the needy whimper that slipped out of him, as he took Fabian into him – slid him right in balls-deep, and then pressed down against him, squirming, straining for more.

Oh, yes. The dragon needed this, and that need was downright intoxicating to behold.

He rode Fabian with a will, bouncing on his cock, panting and moaning all the while. For a few moments, the unicorn was tempted to just lie back and enjoy, to try to meet those thrusts but otherwise wait and see if the dragon would get off just from that.

But no. He wanted to feel that cock go off.

He curled his fingers around Tristan’s cock, shivering a little at the anxious whimper the touch coaxed out of the bigger man; and then he dribbled a little bit of lube right onto the dragon’s length as it slid under his fingers. Just a bit – no need to make it too slick. That done, he set the lube aside and got both his hands on Tristan’s cock, squeezing it and letting it slip between them with the dragon’s own urgent thrusting.

Tristan obviously wasn’t interested in going for stamina; the way he was wailing, he was taking the opportunity to rush to his climax. In fact, it couldn’t have been more than a minute or two before he pushed down against Fabian’s hips and cried out, body arched, his cock surging under Fabian’s stroking fingers. The first spurt sent sticky white splattering up as far as the unicorn’s collarbone; those that followed steadily waned in force, but still, a half-dozen respectable squirts had landed on his short white pelt by the time Tristan subsided, panting and shivering over him.

“Wow,” Fabian said, and he couldn’t help but chuckle. “You really needed that, huh? Must get to you to always be cast as the top.”

“Oh, God, you have no idea,” Tristan moaned, lifting off of Fabian’s still-rigid, still-covered cock with a shiver. “It’s not like I mind stuffing guys, but given the choice I’d probably be on the receiving end more often than not.”

“So what’s on your agenda for me?” Fabian enquired, though by the way Tristan was moving farther down the bed, he had an idea.

“Well, you said you wouldn’t mind swallowing me,” the dragon purred, settling himself again between Fabian’s legs, stretched out on his stomach this time. As he started tugging at the condom, he said, “Let’s just say the feeling’s mutual.”

It happened so fast; Tristan’s mouth was so close to Fabian’s cock that it was a wonder the condom didn’t hit his nose on the way off, and it was no longer than the space of a breath between the rubber pulling free and Tristan’s tongue touching his cockhead. Yet for all that initial haste, what followed was much more calm. That tongue danced over his glans, followed by a light kiss to his very tip, and a quick lap to collect his pre; then he nuzzled and kissed and licked his way down Fabian’s cock, taking his time of it.

Not that Fabian had ever had size issues, but the dragon really knew how to make a guy feel big.

Still, Tristan didn’t keep teasing him for too long before moving things along; a few moments sucking on his balls, a long lick right up his shaft, and then his cockhead was vanishing into the dragon’s mouth. Letting out a deep groan, he started to reach for those curving horns, and only just caught himself in time to grip the dragon’s shoulders instead.

Apparently that redirected grab hadn’t gone unnoticed; Tristan lifted his head free with a suckling pop, and grinned up at Fabian past the unicorn’s own cock. “No, no, it’s okay,” he murmured, breath washing over spit-slick skin. “I think they’re a bit sturdier than yours – I’ve had someone do that and it felt just fine, anyway.”

“Suit yourself,” Fabian laughed, shivering a little as the dragon drew him in again. Well, fine; it was easier to reach anyway. He paused only long enough to shift a pillow behind him, and then, thus propped up, wrapped his hands around the dragon’s black horns, resting atop them right where they curved back behind Tristan’s head.

He wasn’t so uncouth as to shove on them, but he did push down a little in counterpoint to his own rising hips, thrusting into the dragon’s muzzle. Now that he’d got started, Tristan’s attentions were merciless, and if he’d been a bit clumsy riding him, there was no such clumsiness about blowing him; he knew just how to use that tongue, just where to tickle at Fabian’s cock, just when to press against it and bob his head along.

It had been long enough since Fabian hadn’t made an effort to draw things out that his orgasm caught him off guard, surging through him between one breath and the next. It wasn’t a titanic, world-eclipsing climax, but the rush of vertigo, the feel of that mouth sealed around his cock and swallowing down his spunk… oh, it was a very good feeling indeed.

He sank back against the sheets, panting softly, his hands falling slack beside him. Tristan lifted his head, sliding up alongside the unicorn, snout tucking against his neck with a pleased rumble; Fabian brought his arm up on that side, curling it around the dragon’s shoulders. “Man, that was nice,” he sighed. “I’d forgotten what it could be like to just… let go. Been in the business too long, maybe.”

“Oh, please don’t tell me you’re thinking of retiring just as I get in,” Tristan laughed, nuzzling at Fabian’s chin.

“Hell, no. And give up all the sex?” Fabian brought his other hand in to stroke along the spiral of one horn. “I’m not nearly old enough for that yet.”

Tristan nuzzled at his wrist with a warm sigh. “Good. I’d hate to hear I was gonna miss out.”

“Not a chance,” Fabian assured him, and then just wiggled in a little closer, enjoying the contact amidst the haze of his afterglow.

A lazy quarter hour later, he roused himself from what had turned into a shallow doze. Tristan was very still against him, eyes closed, apparently in much the same state, though his gold eyes did flicker open when Fabian touched his cheek. “Got plans for the day?” the unicorn asked.

The dragon shook his head. “Not really. Be glad to hang out if you don’t, either.”

Fabian smiled. “Want to see what’s on TV? I’m in a lazy mood today.”

Still, just because he was feeling lazy didn’t mean he was sexually sated; when Tristan made a move toward the couch, Fabian nudged him toward the recliner, instead. “I feel like being a bit closer than just side by side,” he murmured against the dragon’s shoulder, fingers sliding along the bigger man’s cock, finding it pleasingly stiff.

“I can do that, too,” Tristan sighed over his ears, giving one of them a light lick.

While his guest got settled, Fabian dodged back into the bedroom. Tristan’s brow arched a little, seeing what the unicorn had brought back, but he leaned back to make room. “When you said ‘closer,’ you weren’t kidding, huh?”

“Not at all,” Fabian replied, sitting on the arm of the chair and reaching over to stroke the dragon to full arousal. As Tristan groaned into his shoulder, he tore another package open, working the rubber onto the dragon’s cock. It took a bit more doing than the reverse had done; Tristan was quite pleasantly hung, after all. Not that either of them complained about the opportunity to get some fondling in.

Nor did either of them have a thing to complain about as Fabian slid that heavy pole in under his tail.

Pushing down against Tristan’s lap, he leaned back against the bigger male’s chest with a sigh, tugging one muscular arm around himself. “I could really get used to this,” he sighed. “I’ll fuck you twice later to make up for it, if you just let me stay here for a while.”

“Not that I’d complain about that,” Tristan rumbled over his ears, reaching for the remote, “but believe me, you do not need to do anything to ‘pay’ for this.”

It was unanimous, then. Shifting just slightly to settle that comfortable heat inside him, Fabian leaned back against his guest to enjoy an hour or two of quasi-domestic bliss.