Luke crawled into bed alone, around two in the afternoon; Cal had gone home, looking much braver than the night before, and Luke himself had opted to stay another day yet, to try to make a few arrangements with Jessica. She, however, had gone off to her summer job; so, still feeling a bit drained from the busy night before, Luke had gone back into the guest room for a bit of a rest. He hadn’t intended to actually fall asleep, but as he lay there, relaxing turned into dozing, and dozing into napping.

He woke up to the feel of warm bodies sliding up against him from either side. And while one such he might have taken, so to speak, in stride, with a sleepy nuzzle or a curl of his tail, there being one in front and one behind brought him rather suddenly to full consciousness.

“Hey, sweetie,” Jess purred against his jaw. “You looked so comfortable there, we just couldn’t resist.”

It didn’t take long for him to place who the other part of “we” was. Even if there’d been anyone else in the house, the person behind him was shorter, a bit broader, and a bit more muscular than he. And more naked, and just as male – and making both abundantly plain against the base of his tail.

Luke gave his head a shake, trying to cast off the last shreds of drowsiness. “Whoa. I knew you two were close,” he murmured, nuzzling at Jess’s jaw and reaching back to cup his hand over Ryan’s ass, making the other youth rumble and press up that much more firmly against him as he went on, “But I had no idea you were this, um… comfortable with each other.”

“It isn’t often we’re both interested in the same guy who’s into both of us,” Ryan chuckled against his shoulder, clawtips pressing through the fur of Luke’s chest, circling around a nipple. “Saves time this way, yeah?”

Jess laughed, reaching over Luke’s shoulder to give a light cuff to her brother’s. “What he means is, normally we’d have to worry about that guy’s recovery time.” Grinning, she brushed her lips against Luke’s. “Not sure that’ll be much of a problem with you. So how about it, mmm? Can we convince you to be frisky?”

It wouldn’t exactly be easy to say no – not with Ryan firm against his tail, teasing at his nipple; not with Jess’s breath hot on his chin, her hip up against his boardshorts. Hell, he couldn’t even muster up the focus to say yes out loud; it was all he could do, with the rush of sudden desire gripping him, to jerk his chin in a quick nod.

He felt Ryan pulling away from him, though the other youth didn’t go far; he had no time to wonder what was going on, though, as Jess tugged at his shorts, loosening them in front and back, sliding them off of him. No sooner had she dropped them off the side of the bed than she pulled open a small package, plucking a disc of rubber out if it and holding it in one hand while the other wrapped around Luke’s cock, light strokes drawing it to full attention.

It was actual rubber she put on him, not the synthetics he himself had brought to the pool; it was a tighter fit, but stretched around his cock, clinging to it, first embracing his glans, then extending its grip down along his shaft under quick, light strokes of her fingers. The snap of a flip-top bottle behind him let him know Ryan was making progress in his own preparations; Luke shivered between the two darker otters, hardly daring to guess which of them would get to him first.

That, as it turned out, was Jess; once she’d got him covered, she slid up alongside him, stretching out on her back, and pulled him atop her. Her other hand guided his cock right into place, and he found her wet, warm, and ready; his glans spread her folds without any trouble. And then Ryan was sitting up beside him, his hand pressing against the base of Luke’s tail, pushing him down and into the waiting young woman.

From tip to hip, he slid in with one quick stroke, a moan slipping out of him as he pressed down onto her, as he felt the softness of her breasts against his chest. Her hands raked over his chest and sides, claws combing through his fur, and her hips rolled under his, stirring his cock inside her. Dipping his head to muffle a moan against her neck, he started to oblige her wordless urging, pushing back a little, sinking in again, gyrating his hips to stir his cock a little more, to press against her in any way he could.

Then he felt Ryan’s grip shift on his tail, and he faltered, pressing down against Jess and trembling in anticipation. He let his tail get turned upward, draping the tapering end of it over Ryan’s shoulder as the other youth moved in closer. Even knowing it was coming, even knowing what it was like, the touch of Ryan’s broad glans sent a strong shiver through him.

And this time, the other boy wasn’t going past his tail, but was right under it to start. He slid in deep, so deep – Luke knew the boy only had about five and a half inches to his name, but thick as he was, it felt like twice that at least.

He really wasn’t able to work up much coordination after that. Oh, he tried – tried to move in the ways he was learning Jess liked, to press against her where she’d want him to; tried to clench around Ryan’s rubber-coated cock as it drew out of him, to relax and let it back in, to curl his tail around the shorter boy’s shoulders in a clumsy embrace. But assailed by sensation from all sides – not just the direct stimulus of sex, but two roving pairs of hands, claws pressing through his fur and scoring along the skin beneath, running all over his body – it was all he could do to keep crouching over Jess instead of collapsing right atop her.

It wasn’t fated to be a long session. Mercifully, even as Luke felt his balls tightening, felt the blur of oncoming climax stealing over him, Jess bucked under him, stifling a cry against his muzzle, hauling him into a fierce kiss as she spasmed around his cock. That was enough for Luke; tension swept through him, a moan slipping from his muzzle to that of the woman under him, the clenching of her sex milking him into the waiting rubber. Only Ryan remained on his plateau, churning in slower, gentler strokes, his thick rod massaging deep inside Luke, pushing the spunk right out of him.

As the other two came down from their pleasure, Ryan drew back, slipped free, and hopped to the floor, leaving Luke and Jess a bit more room to pull apart and sprawl on the none-too-large bed; and it was Ryan, too, who reached over to tug the full condom off of Luke’s cock. Rather than tossing it out right away, he held it up, peering into it.

“Hot damn,” the sturdy male breathed, licking his lips. “Wish I could get me some of that.” He wadded up the rubber and tossed it into the trash, slipping the condom off his own still-rigid shaft and adding it to the pile. “Guess I’ll have to get as close to it as I can. Dude, what do you run on, fusion?” He laughed, gazing down at Luke and shaking his head. “After a gusher like that, I’d be soft in moments.”

Jess laughed as well, reaching down to trail her fingertips along Luke’s still-hard shaft, claws dimpling the skin and making his breath catch. “God, you put porn stars to shame.”

God, he was sensitive, more like; they just subjected him to so much, he didn’t have time to go soft – all he could do was squirm and thrash. Even as Jess slipped off the bed and Ryan took her place, stroking another rubber onto his cock – well, okay, it was a few minutes of teasing before that happened; by then, he was ready to perform again.

But he was still damn sensitive.

“You boys have fun,” Jess said with another laugh. “I’m going to find my clothes and get to work on some dinner.”

“How long was I out?” Luke managed to ask once she’d slipped out of the room.

“Not sure when you drifted off, but it’s getting toward six now,” Ryan answered, smearing a light coating of lube – not, Luke noticed, the otter-branded stuff – onto his rubber-cased cock.

Luke bit his lip, barely able to push up into the touch from a strange combination of stiff joints and weary, slack muscles. “I can hardly move,” he groaned, as strong a complaint as he could manage.

“You don’t need to,” Ryan purred, straddling his hips. “I’ll do all the work for this one – it’s only fair. Just God, I need to feel what you’re like from the other end.”

He slid onto Luke’s cock with the ease of what the sex-addled taller boy could only imagine was long practise, sitting up over him, his own now-bare shaft jutting over Luke’s stomach. And it was a wonderful sight; it did feel good, when his oversensitivity had had a bit of time to wane. After Ryan had been bouncing on his cock a while, he started feeling more into it; he twined his tail around Ryan’s, stroking the fingers that splayed over his chest, slipping his other free hand down to take over the duty of stroking that thick piece. He even started thrusting up a little, rising to meet the shorter, darker youth’s descent.

Then that flesh jerked in his grip, accompanied by a firm squeeze around his own aching cock, and Ryan shuddered atop him. His climax was anything but subtle, this time – he threw his head back and cried out, and cried out again after each gasping breath he drew. Semen splattered over Luke’s breastbone, streaking his chest and his stomach. Again and again Ryan spurted over him, still groaning out loud with each breath.

Somewhere around the seventh squirt or so, the feel of that bucking cock in his hand, the clenching around his own cock, the lusty groans, and the heady scents of sex and fresh-spilled semen finally got to him, and he shuddered, grinding up against the other boy and squirming under him as he pumped a few squirts of his own into the latest rubber.

Drained, so stiff he could hardly move at all, he just sank back against the bed, gasping. Ryan took charge of the rubber again, disposing of it without comment and settling in against Luke’s side.

The shorter boy bit his lip. “God. You really are stiff and sore, aren’t you?”

“Kinda,” Luke admitted.

“Shit.” Gently, Ryan turned him over, straddling him again – not for any sexual purpose, though Luke did feel Ryan’s cock against the small of his back, thick and warm, but soft now – but to lean over and start stroking along his shoulders and back. “I’m sorry, man. I just… just lost my head. With you and Cal… um, I just couldn’t stop thinking about last night, and God, I wanted you.” He sighed, starting to knead and tug through the fur at the muscle beneath. “God. I’m sorry, man. We fucked up coming on so strong as it was, and I really should have listened when you said…”

“Hey, don’t worry,” Luke mumbled over his shoulder. With those strong fingers working some feeling and mobility back into him, post-sex bliss was finally getting a chance to settle upon him in full force. “So worth it. I’d never have had the balls to ask to be double-teamed like that…”

“But you sure as hell had the balls to go through with it,” Ryan chuckled, leaning down to kiss his ear, then straightening and continuing his rub-down. “When most people talk about wanting to get it on with twins, they’re talking identical twins. You know, same sex and all.”

“I’m bi,” Luke pointed out with a laugh. “And it’s definitely worth being a little sore. Even counting last night, I don’t think I’ve come so hard in my life as I did with you drilling me down into her.”

“Then everyone’s happy, all around, yeah?” Ryan’s hands slowed and grew more gentle in their ministrations, until they were just gliding along Luke’s fur; finally, he slid off, nudging under Luke’s shoulder to get him to lie on his side, then spooning in front of him. Luke needed no coaxing to throw an arm over him; Ryan clutched it gladly, rumbling in delight.

And there it stayed. Luke could smell kitchen scents wafting up the stairs and hall; he was sure his nose would also tell him when food was actually ready.

For now, he just nestled against the other youth, bliss chasing the last of the tension out of him, and he savoured the warmth of his company.