The bustle that had come before was just a prelude; now, the party was in full swing. Oh, one or another of the hosts sometimes gave people a message to quiet down, to avoid becoming a public nuisance that’d draw attention even out in the countryside – but so long as the volume stayed manageable, the booze was contained, no fires broke out, and the trash didn’t get scattered all over, people enjoyed themselves pretty much as they wished.

Which, around the pool itself, made for some interesting times. People who really wanted privacy found a room indoors; for those who didn’t mind a few observers, though… well, Luke may have been part of the first couple to get off without hiding it, but he and Jess certainly weren’t the only ones. The smell of sex was pervasive, even over the slight chemical tang in the water.

Luke was leaning back against the pool’s edge, watching a particularly energetic couple swimming about together – very together – when he felt the water displaced on his other side, someone moving in next to him. “Hey there, big guy,” Ryan said, slinging a companionable arm over Luke’s shoulders. “Enjoying yourself, huh?”

Luke couldn’t help but tense. Ryan was, after all, one of his hosts. And Luke had, after all, been screwing his sister not very long ago. And Ryan had, after all, been right there to see it, so there was no keeping it from him. But by that same token, Ryan had, after all, had plenty of time to object, and hadn’t.

“Uh, yeah, best time I’ve had in a long while,” Luke said, turning toward him. As he did, a pair of hands offered a pair of bottles. Luke hadn’t gone very long since his third beer; he waved the offer aside, and Ryan did the same.

Though floating side by side didn’t make it obvious, Ryan was shorter than him, but that was largely because Luke himself was a few inches over six feet tall; Ryan was maybe three inches short, but heavily built for an otter – more visibly muscular than Luke’s own lean frame, though that wasn’t saying much. He certainly wasn’t as massive as any star jocks; his arm didn’t feel like it was going to squeeze the air out of Luke’s lungs.

But it did look moderately imposing. And hot.

“Saw you talking to Jess, after,” Ryan said, giving Luke’s shoulder a squeeze. “You, uh… got an arrangement of some kind?”

“Oh, yeah. Nothing much yet, we’re gonna see how an actual date works out.” Luke offered a crooked grin. He’d had fuckbuddies and he’d gone on dates, but if he was going to date someone, it was usually before having sex. “Nothing formal yet, but it’s no hardship for me to not go after any other girls anyway.”

Ryan arched an eyebrow. “So much emphasis on ‘girls’, huh? So I did catch you making eyes, earlier?”

Luke felt his ears burn a little. He’d thought he’d been a bit more discreet. “Well, yeah. And I get the feeling she wants all the little details, instead, if I mess around with some guys.”

Ryan laughed, pulling in against Luke’s side. “That’s Jess. Any caught your eye yet? Should I take a number?”

Luke was about to answer no to the first part when he caught up with the second. “Uh? You won’t find it a little… weird?” Not that he wouldn’t give a great deal to be caught between the pair of them.

“Nah, it’s all good.” Ryan let go of him, gripping the pool’s edge and pulling himself up waist-high to stretch out and reach for a nearby bag, pulling it a little bit closer.

Luke turned to see what he was doing, taking the opportunity to lay a hand on the base of the shorter youth’s tail where it jutted out from his trunks. It flexed under his fingers, curling in, rubbing along the inside of his thigh, pushing against his own bare balls.

Luke shivered, and, well repaid for his wandering hand, focused his attention on Ryan’s other end. That bottle of lube again, either the same one he’d handed Luke earlier or a dead ringer for it, and a round, flat package emblazoned with the same leaping-otter logo. “Is that for you or for me?” he murmured.

“I was hoping for me,” his host replied, grinning back at him, shoving the bag away from the pool’s edge again, and easing himself back into the water. “But I’m flexible.”

Damn. How long had it been since he’d last fooled around with a guy? And how much longer since he hadn’t been pitching?

“Maybe I should see what it is you’re offering, first,” he suggested, moving in behind the other male. A bit of work got him straddling Ryan’s tail, his cock pressed up against the small of Ryan’s back, swelling there in anticipation; one hand splayed over the broader youth’s chest, the other reached lower down. Ryan’s trunks were already sporting a fine tent; he shivered, letting out a long, soft sigh, as Luke’s fingers caressed it, danced on the peak of it. He tensed, then continued that sigh, when Luke slid his fingers under those trunks instead, curling around the firm flesh he found there.

Not particularly long, so far as he could tell by touch alone. But oh, he was thick. Thick enough that Luke didn’t think the same condom would fit them both – rubbers, sure; he wasn’t that monstrous. But not anything that was silicone-safe.

“Yeah,” he whispered over the squirming male’s ear, “I think I’ll take it.” He swallowed. God, this was going to be a fun night.

Somehow, they’d avoided attracting any lasting attention; more of a show going on elsewhere, maybe – certainly someone was being a lot noisier about her coupling. Luke took the package from Ryan’s hand, opened it, and pulled out the clear wrapper within; while Ryan took charge of the package, deftly tossing it back into his bag, Luke slid both hands under the water, rubbing the condom down along that hefty pole. He had to let go after that, little though he wanted to, while Ryan pulled himself farther upward and gave himself a quick coating of lube.

Then they switched places. Luke gripped the pool’s edge and drew himself in close, his chin almost resting on it; Ryan’s right hand planted beside his, the left still out of sight. Ryan just pulled his trunks far enough down to let his cock into the open, no more; he floated atop Luke, easing himself into place, and then his glans nudged under Luke’s tail and started bearing forward.

It was thick, that rigid meat. And Luke wouldn’t have had it any other way. The first stretch almost verged on uncomfortable, just for how long it had been, how unfamiliar the sensation had become; then the intense pleasure of it took over, and Ryan thrust into him without any complaint on either one’s part.

It was nice and lazy after that; not the frantic coupling he’d had with Jess below the surface, but something much more relaxed. In an open waterway, they might have ambled through the water with this sort of motion, the swimming doing the work to slide that thick heat under Luke’s tail; the intent was definitely there, even if they both had to grip the edge of the pool as they undulated together. It didn’t make for very deep thrusts – just a few inches at most – but that was fine. It was enough to keep that stroking cockhead rubbing right against Luke’s prostate. That, along with the hand that slipped down to caress and fondle him, had him quivering, drifting on utter bliss, in a major hurry.

The sustained pleasure was so strong, his climax could hardly be stronger. Oh, it was different – he definitely felt the rush that chased through him, felt himself tense around that hot piston, felt his cock jerk in Ryan’s hand, felt his spunk coursing past the other male’s fingers and pulsing out into the water. But it was anyone’s guess which felt better.

His pleasure was just starting to fade when Ryan groaned over his ears, legs and tail twisted against his, pressing in deep and staying there as his covered cock bucked under Luke’s tail.

God, he’d almost forgotten how nice a feeling that was.

He turned his head to nuzzle at Ryan’s fingers where they clutched at the pool’s edge, the other youth’s breaths starting to slow toward their usual pace as he grew still. Finally he let a soft groan wash over Luke’s neck, planting a kiss at the base of your jaw.

“God, I wish I’d made the first move,” Ryan sighed over his ears. “‘m glad Jess has found a decent guy, but it would’ve been really nice if I got to feel you without a wrapper in the way.”

Luke’s thoughts went back to his time as a bumbling adolescent of fifteen, to the last time he’d had a guy bare inside him and felt the hot splash of his seed. He shuddered. “That,” he sighed, “would’ve been really nice, too, yeah.”

“Mmmm. We’ll see.” Ryan gave his jaw another kiss, then slid back with a sigh, pulling out of him. By the time he pulled out of the pool to deal with the spent condom, his trunks were already back in place and he looked entirely decent. As though he hadn’t been fucking a guy a minute before.

He cuddled up against Luke’s side gladly enough when he got back, though, nuzzling at the taller otter’s chin, licking at his throat. They didn’t speak; they just drifted about in the water, lazily cuddling for a while.

Even if it did kind of make Luke long for a boyfriend, it was really nice.