Originally titled Dynasty(and with this title still tentative), this was my entry for NaNoWriMo 2009. The challenge: to write 50 000 words(a suitable benchmark for “a novel”) within 30 days, starting the 1st of November.

The result: on the 17th of November, I called the story finished at 63 661 words.

I’ve done some snips of editing here and there, so the word count may no longer be exact, but I’m still happy to have finished it; it’s definitely my longest completed work to date.

It focuses on the Vhark – call them dragon-folk if you really want; that will give an idea of their basic form. Specifically, they have a prophecy that once in every many years, a pair of heroes will be born, and a time of great need will come upon them, which those heroes will together overcome,  before begetting a new dynasty of kings. Several such pairs have come and gone – one male, one female – and their bloodlines have waned.

This time, though, both of the Magekin came from the same egg – identical twins, both male.

Things promise to get a little unconventional…

The entire story is collected here; it begins with the prologue.

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