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The day wore into the evening without much further event. I’d got over my nervousness enough to sit in contact with him – yeah, pretty close to his package, at that – but it wasn’t gone entirely; besides, the last few days had left me pretty well sated. So things stayed casual; a bit more conversation, a few hours of gaming with some idle chatter mixed in, a light dinner. After the last, I was starting to feel a bit ragged from a high-strung day; despite how much sleep I’d got in the past few days, more of it was the main thing on my agenda.

The thought of going back upstairs to that big bed made me quail, though. I didn’t know why. It seemed like it’d be a big step, though – like I’d be moving in – if I were to occupy that bed. And I wasn’t ready for that.

When I asked Sam if I could borrow their spare room for the night, he didn’t seem surprised or dismayed. A little wistful, yeah – just enough to let me know he’d have welcomed my company – but he helped me get settled without a word of complaint. Gave me a kiss goodnight, too – strong enough to make my heart pound, not so much that it felt like he was going to slide in with me. Or into me. At any rate, one last nuzzle to my ears, one more squeeze to my shoulder, and he left me to it.

Another time, that kiss would’ve probably left me with a raging hard-on and the question of what to do with it. This time, though – well, even I had to admit that I’d got an enviable amount of sex in the past few days. Either that or general exhaustion was enough to keep things from getting beyond a slight stirring.

It didn’t keep my dreams from having an intense erotic tone. Which was a bit odd, because the subject matter wasn’t particularly sexy. Maybe a little suggestive, sure, but… riding a motorbike down a long road, with snow swirling all around, while naked, wasn’t the sort of thing that’d normally leave me feeling so keyed up. I knew the wind should be cold. Especially on my cock. Somehow, though, it felt good. Like a caress. The rumble of the engine seemed to slide right up into me, teasing a few spots that as of some days ago, I hadn’t even been consciously aware of.

“Hey, big guy,” the wind whispered to me, in a voice full of promise.

No, wait. That was a real voice.

“Whu?” With that insightful remark, I opened my eyes.

Sarah laughed, cupping a hand against my cheek. “Sorry. I didn’t know you’d actually wake up from that. You seemed really into it, there.”

Um, yeah. I was definitely pitching a tent in the sheets, and they were kind of tangled around me. “It’d make more sense if it was something other than going for a bike ride. Alone,” I sort-of-complained.

Another laugh. She sat on the bed beside me, chastely clad in slacks and a grey sweater. “Hey, it’s that sort of hard, and you don’t want to be alone… it’s probably going to be twenty minutes or so until Sam’s got breakfast ready.” She winked down at me, reaching over to ruffle between my ears.

Wasn’t it supposed to be the man I was scared of when contemplating anything with the woman? Oddly enough, that playful suggestion didn’t make me nearly as anxious coming from her as it might have done from him, and it sure as hell wouldn’t have been homophobia in play there…

She snapped her fingers in front of my face, breaking me out of my reverie. “Sorry,” I laughed. “My thoughts can go down weird paths sometimes.”

“So I noticed,” she purred, sliding her hand over the sheets. “Not that I’m complaining.” Her fingers closed, curling the sheets around my shaft.

I shivered, groaned, presumably made some kind of sex face, and so on. “Are we going to need to stop for a rubber?” I managed to ask.

“After breakfast,” the skunk replied, grinning and starting to draw the sheets back. “Just lie back and enjoy for the moment, tiger.”

I tried. I felt a little silly just lying back and soaking up the attention, but I also felt damn good. She had strong hands, hands that were quite familiar with male anatomy, and she was attentive enough to quickly learn where and how I, in particular, liked to be touched. Nor was she shy about bending down to stroke my glans with her tongue, or reaching under my balls and hooking a few fingers into me. I just clung for dear life to the sheets with one hand, clutched at the back of her head with another, and surrendered to a quick climax. It wasn’t stellar, wasn’t awe-inspiring, wasn’t intense as some of those I’d had over the past couple of days. But it was nice, and all the more so for being relaxed.

And it didn’t even make a mess, rumpled sheets aside.

She lifted her head and licked her lips, grinning down at me. “Nice,” she said, giving my thigh a pat. “I’m almost surprised you had that much in you, considering.”

“Believe me,” I sighed, “so am I.”

She lifted her head and sniffed. “Smells like breakfast will be ready in not too long. If you want to wash up, it’ll probably be done by the time you are.”

“Sounds good all around,” I said with a laugh. She bent down to nuzzle at my cheek, gave it a quick kiss, and slipped out.

It was a bit strange, I reflected as I slid into my borrowed robe. Yesterday I’d been freaking out all over the place. I’d have thought that another sexual overture would leave me nervous as hell. Instead, though, I just felt… good. Not the dance-down-the-street-with-bluebirds sort of good, but nice; pleasantly relaxed, not worried about anything. That gentle buzz kept me going all the way through a shower and down into the kitchen; and even as it faded, it didn’t swing the other way. I was just too mellow to start fretting.

Sam’s query if I was feeling better today had a bit of a teasing note to it, but that was fine; I just gave him a chipper affirmative and piled away the food. Not that I had enough on my plate to be very gluttonous; it was breakfast, and while not as light as a continental breakfast, wasn’t exactly meant to be a grand feast either.

Then it was after breakfast.

“Anything planned for the day, Tim?” Sarah asked over a cup of coffee.

I’d opted for tea, myself, and was still letting it steep for a bit. “I don’t know,” I admitted. “I guess I should let my housemates know I haven’t been kidnapped or anything. Other than that, though, I guess I should give Sam’s contacts a few days to work before I really start panicking.” I looked over at her, thinking about what she’d said about “after breakfast”. “Distract myself in the meantime, I guess.”

She laughed. “I suppose you are feeling better today, huh?”

“I guess.” I shrugged. “I mean… if I stop and think about it, I kinda worry. I don’t know where this is all going to go, really. But in the meantime…” I trailed off. Words didn’t really want to come. “I don’t know,” I sighed, fishing out the teabag.

“Hey, now.” Sam leaned over to rub behind my ears. “What happened to the not worrying, mmm?”

“Guess I’m just too good at fretting.” I took a deep breath, and a sip of tea. I really needed to get myself under control, one way or another. “This isn’t how I’m used to sex working. It’s always been this big deal, even the slightest bit of fondling carrying something of a promise. This is all new to me.”

His hand slipped down a little to crowd onto my shoulder and give it a squeeze.

“You’ve been taking it like a trooper, God knows,” Sarah said over the rim of her cup, breaking a few seconds of silence. “I guess it’s easy for us to forget that you’re not used to it.”

“And for the most part, it’s been fine,” I said. “Though, God, thinking back, if I’d known from the start about… this, well…” My brain seized on one image and hiccuped to a stop.

“Hmmm?” she prompted gently.

I coughed, wet my throat with another swallow of tea, and forced out, “If nothing else, I’d have probably blown Sam in the truck last week.”

That hand tensed on my shoulder, the bigger skunk’s breath catching. Sarah laughed. “Oh, God, the look on your face, dear…”

“I wouldn’t have lasted two minutes,” Sam husked.

“No wonder you were so randy that night. I thought you were going to paint the ceiling with that one.”

And that put images in my head. Rather explicit images of the bigger skunk, leaning back in his seat – one of those comfy seats in the living room – and arching up from it, erupting in a fierce white torrent that streaked his dark fur… I shuddered, biting my lip against a whimper.

Sam took his turn to laugh, a soft, rumbling chuckle, and brushed his fingers over my cheek. “Mmm, I think that fixed him. So to speak.”

Sarah took her cup to the dishwasher, and then sidled over to my chair, muzzle brushing my ear on the other side from Sam’s hand. “I’m going upstairs to lie down,” she whispered into it. “Whenever you’re done here, if you want to come up and join me, that would be… delightful.”

Then, with a brush of her tail against my side, she was gone, and I was left panting in my seat.

I looked up at Sam, looking back at me with a schooled expression that didn’t quite hide good humour. “Is this what your daily life is always like?” I asked.

“She’s not usually this amorous,” he replied, patting my shoulder. “So if I were you, I’d drink up.”

That… was probably some of the best advice I’d got in a while. I did the tea a disservice by gulping it down as fast as I did, but damn it, I had priorities to think about.

I managed to keep myself from outright scampering up the stairs, forced myself to take each step one at a time. Sarah was lying on the bed when I got there, facing away from the door, reading – no, a pencil scratched on paper; not just reading, then. Anyway, she didn’t immediately look up at my approach. She’d discarded the sweater and slacks, leaving just a bra and panties underneath, both black; easy to miss at first glance, her fur being long enough that they didn’t leave an obvious gap in her stripes.

There was a peg on the inside of the door – several, actually, one of them unoccupied; I hung my robe on that one. “Hey,” I said as I slid onto the bed. “Interesting stuff?” I grabbed one of the rubbers and tore the pack open; so long as I was in her company, there wasn’t any way I was going soft in the foreseeable future until I came, so I could afford to get it out of the way early. And that way, I wouldn’t already be so keyed up that just putting it on might make me blow.

“Not that interesting,” she laughed, closing the paperback and setting it on the nightstand, leaving the pencil as a bookmark. “I was hoping I wouldn’t have time to finish that puzzle.” She reached back, cupping a hand over my ass as I finished with the rubber and slid in behind her. “Mmm, I like the way you think there, tiger.”

I wasn’t sure if she was referring to me behind her or to my hard-on against the small of her back. Probably both, in hindsight. “That’s me, eager to please,” I said with a laugh of my own, bending down to press my snout against the base of her neck. Lavender, a hint of jasmine, and above all, herself. Delightful. I planted a kiss there, draping my arm over her side and whispering, “You smell nice.”

“So do you,” she murmured, stroking my fingers. “And not just because you smell horny.”

“I’d be even more puzzled if I thought you were complaining about that,” was my reply, my hand shifting upward, fingertips skirting a breast. “Considering how hard you’ve been working to make it happen.”

She took my wrist, tugging it upward a little, turning her head to brush her lips against my fingers. “Not complaining about it at all,” she said against them.

We stopped talking at that point. I let my hands wander – she made it so easy to tell when I was doing the right thing; not that she was vocally approving of everything I did, no. But I could tell when I’d done something she didn’t like, and she was suitably clear – mostly in body language but sometimes with a particularly nice noise – when I had an especially good notion. It was just as easy to tell when she wanted me to get her bra out of the way – my fingers happened to pass by the right area, and she shifted to make it easier to do. She dealt with the panties herself, tossing them aside and turning to face me with a broad grin.

Still without a word spoken, we got a little more adventurous with those wandering hands – her as well as me, now, though, maybe knowing I was already high-strung, she didn’t do much in the way of outright sexual touching. I did, and she responded quite well to it – a nuzzle or lick or caress to her breast, fingers down between her thighs, the works, and she pushed right into it – but what she was doing was tracing my spine or my muscles or bones, following my stripes, that sort of thing. Very nice, but it thankfully wasn’t getting me any more excited than I already was.

After a particularly whimpery bout of squirming and squeezing around my fingers, she rather abruptly pushed me flat on my back, straddling me, her breath hot on my jaw. “Patience is well and good, tiger,” she breathed, lips brushing mine. “But there’s such a thing as taking it too far.”

“Rubber or no, I don’t think I’ll last a minute,” I protested by way of explanation. “I wanted to make sure I wasn’t too far ahead.”

“And how many do you want to work out of me before we’re even?” she hissed, gripping the base of my cock. “If we’ve got a minute, better make it a good one.”

As it turned out, my estimate was a bit pessimistic. I don’t think I lasted long after she slid me in, but it was probably a minute or so just of squirming around together before I managed to come out close enough to “on top” that I could get my fingers and toes all onto the sheets for purchase. I was about to shift one hand down below to help things along when I felt one of hers slide between us; with that concern taken care of, I just held on and hammered away. While she fingered herself with one hand, the other kept roaming over me, urging me on.

It was the surge of tension around me that did it. Not that I came at quite the same time she did, but by the time she sank back, gasping, from that climax, I already felt mine rising. She hadn’t given me any reason to think I should hold back; thus, I didn’t – I drove right in, panting against the side of her neck, trembling from the tip of my tail up to my flat-back ears as I filled the other.

Thank God for an athletic lifestyle. Post-orgasmic lassitude was tugging at me by the time I pulled out, but given those few moments to steady myself, I wasn’t feeling at all physically exhausted or unsteady as I tugged the condom free.

“My God.” Sarah laughed, stretching and giving a stroke to my chin. “You had that much to put into it? After the mouthful you gave me half an hour ago? If you ever get tired of programming, Tim, I think you could have a career in adult entertainment waiting for you.”

I wrinkled my nose. “Pass,” I said, trying to keep a chuckle at bay and mostly succeeding. “I’m way too fond of shoving in as I come to fit in the porn industry.” I wadded up the rubber and tossed it in the trash, then stretched out on the bed again to enjoy the afterglow; just because I could move around without my muscles seizing up didn’t mean I wanted to.

A while of lazier cuddling followed, then we got dressed – well, I shrugged into her robe again, but she got dressed – and we made our way downstairs. I don’t know what I was expecting from Sam, but at least it wasn’t hostility; him coming up behind and hugging both of us together, teasing that he couldn’t remember the last time he’d been able to make Sarah be that vocal, wasn’t as much of a shock to my system as it might have been.

“I’m surprised you didn’t come up and join in,” Sarah laughed, shifting, reaching behind herself. “Seems you’re in the right mood.”

He let out a heavy sigh. “I figured I’d wait my turn,” he rumbled.

“With her?” I inquired. “Or me?”

He held up one hand and wiggled it from side to side. “A little from column A, a little from column B.”

Despite the tone of that reunion, the next few hours were actually pretty normal. I called my housemates and let them know I was okay, just out for a few days; Max in turn let me know that a pair of skunks had been looking for me. I assured him that I’d taken care of it, left instructions to refer anyone calling for me to my cell, and hung up.

“Would you two happen to know anything about a pair of skunks at my place looking for me?” I asked, all innocence, as I rejoined them in the living room.

They exchanged glances; Sam’s eyebrows went up. “Uh-oh,” he rumbled. “Sounds like we may have some competition.”

Sarah laughed, cuffing his shoulder. “Dork. Called off the search parties, have you, Tim? Got time to chill out, then?”

That was the lead-in to a round of gaming. Simple, relaxed gaming. Not that it was without its adventurous aspects – namely, they were sitting together on the couch, and I opted for a seat on Sam’s denim-clad thigh. Sure, I got a bit of teasing for it, but it felt too damned nice when that arm curled around me for it to matter.

A couple hours later, we paused for a light lunch. A few hours after that, it was time to take a break. After a bit of puttering around the kitchen while Sam and myself shared some Scotch, Sarah announced that she was going to grab something to cook dinner with – I hadn’t been paying close enough attention to be sure, but I think she said they were out of milk or something like that; she pulled on a jacket and left on foot. Sam slipped into the downstairs bathroom. Feeling a need along those lines myself, I hustled up the stairs.

It was while I was taking care of business there that I pondered – should I or shouldn’t I? Not really the nicest time or place to think about that kind of stuff, sure, but it was a moment of privacy without actually hiding from their company.

And it wasn’t very difficult to come to the conclusion that yeah, I should.

I was scrupulously thorough cleaning up after myself. That done, I wandered into the bedroom. I knew about where they’d got the rubbers from; I did have a bit of a twinge about looking in the drawer without being invited, but I didn’t think they’d mind. And, sure enough, a squeeze bottle came to hand, about two-thirds full. I slipped it into a pocket, along with a few rubbers – just in case – and made my way back down the stairs, anxious yet at the same time excited.

Sam had put some music on – something quiet and classical to fill the silence. He was lounging on the couch, eyes closed but upright, listening to it when I walked in. I took a deep breath for courage, leaning over the back of the couch. “Hey,” I whispered over his ears; they flicked and quivered a little, but aside from tilting his head slightly upward, he stayed where he was. “You got a few?”

“Got until supper, sure. Was just wondering what to do with that time,” he murmured in reply. “Got suggestions?”

“Kinda, yeah.” I fished the bottle out of my pocket, swallowed hard, and let the robe slide off my shoulders. As I draped it over the back of the couch, Sam sat up a bit straighter, ears perking.

“I like the way you think,” he said, smiling over at me as I came around to the front of the couch. “Getting some of your confidence back, huh?”

I laughed. A bit nervously, sure, but laughing helped ease my nerves somewhat. “I don’t know if ‘back’ is quite the right word,” I said. “Or that I’m getting all that confident yet. But getting there, anyway. Making progress.”

His eyes were so intent on my face, I don’t think he even saw what was in my hand; if he did, maybe he didn’t connect it to what I had in mind. Not even as I kneeled between his legs, setting the bottle on the next cushion over and leaning over him. I closed my eyes and nuzzled into the lush fur of his bare chest, dense enough to drown in if I wasn’t careful; I let my breath sigh out as his fingers stroked over my cheek and chin, nuzzling at his wrist and pushing my snout against his palm; I slid my hands down to his belt, working the buckle open.

For such a big guy, he moved so easily – arching up a little so I could reach around and free his tail, staying that way while I tugged his jeans down; there was already a ridge rising in his slate-grey boxers, and he let out a heavy, throaty groan as I slid my fingers along it, feeling it rise further still against them. I got those out of the way too, and he sank back onto the couch with a sigh, stroking and rubbing behind my ears as I curled my hands around his swelling pole.

Damn, there was a lot of it. Sure, I’d been this close to it before, but I hadn’t actually put my hands on it at the time. Doing so now just made it feel that much more imposing, especially as it rose to its full length and girth.

For a moment, I wondered if this was a good idea. Not emotionally, just… physically. It was kind of an intimidating prospect.

But I at least wanted to try.

He stirred over me, making an inquisitive noise, when I flipped the top of the lube bottle open, and he shivered hard when I applied the first glob of it to his glans; not in any way that suggested cold or discomfort, or at least the hoarse moan he let out certainly didn’t. As I was smearing a generous coating of the stuff over his length, he recovered enough to cup a hand under my chin, tilting my head upward.

“Tim, are… are you sure about that? I mean, God, it’s not that I don’t want to, but… but I’m not sure it’ll even work.

“I’m sure that if I don’t at least try, I’ll always be wondering,” I replied. “This way, I’ll at least know. Even if we don’t finish with it.”

His thumb stroked along my jaw, and he let out a deep, quavery sigh. I knew that sort of sigh; it was the same kind of sigh I might give breath to if a beautiful woman drew my hard cock out of the confinement of my pants, the same kind of sigh I might use when a tongue first touched my glans. It was a sigh that wanted. His words were a bit more hesitant, though. “Tim, some guys, plnety of guys, don’t even get anything out of being on the receiving end – “

“I’m not one of them,” I cut in. I didn’t really want to go into detail – that would feel kind of sleazy, and not fair to Ric – but I hoped he at least got the message that I was speaking from experience. Besides, some guys got that from their girlfriends, so it didn’t need to have been with a guy. “There’s a lot I don’t know, sure, but I do know that much.”

He groaned, sliding his hand down along my neck and giving my shoulder a squeeze. “Well… don’t be a hero, okay? If it’s too much, say so before it gets really bad.”

I didn’t have anything to prove, except maybe to myself, and I wasn’t feeling the same brand of anxious need I had the day before; I could feel confident in smiling and nodding, agreeing with that condition. “If it doesn’t work out, the lube doesn’t need to go to waste, mmm? Can just slap mine up against it…”

“A man after my own heart,” Sam laughed. “All right, you win. God knows I’ve been fantasizing about trying it. Get on up here, you.”

I clambered up. For a few moments, we didn’t go any further than that – our mouths met as I straddled him, and that distracted us for a bit, lips working against each other, tongues darting forth, dancing past one another. My fingers sank deep into his pelt, sliding over the expanse of his chest, while his own massive hands slid up and down my sides, combing upward through the fur, then smoothing it flat.

As his hands reached my waist and kept going, our lips parted. I felt a little anxious shiver go through me, even as one of his hands cupped under my ass, the other dropping away from me; but I didn’t pull away. I let his touch guide me, slightly outward and a little bit down, and then –

Yeah, I tensed as his glans wedged in under my tail. How could I not? Whatever image I’d tried to project to him, this was really new to me, and doing it with a man his size was daunting. But I closed my eyes and took deep breaths and brought my body under control, relaxing; all the while he just held me still, his own breath warm and steady over my cheek. I took one last breath, swallowed, and jerked my chin up and down in a quick nod, letting my weight sink onto his hand, onto his cock.

I could feel it stretching me, and it wasn’t the most comfortable sensation in the world. But it was exciting, and the hitch in his breathing was downright intoxicating. I didn’t pull away, didn’t stop; I let him ease me down, let his glans spread me wide and slip into me. I almost called for a pause before it slipped in… almost.

But then it was in, and he was shivering under me, head pressed back against the back of the couch, eyes squeezed shut, a moan slipping from his jaws, full of need to match mine. I held myself there for a few seconds, breathing hard, trying to get used to the feel of it under my tail; after a few breaths, when the sense of stretching had ebbed and all I felt was good, I let myself down.

And so he slid into me, one hefty inch at a time.

God. I’d never known what I was missing, going without that sort of play. A taste of it had been exciting, enough to let me know I wanted it; this, though… this was intense.

Sure, I was whimpering and moaning with each breath. Sure, I paused a few times on the way down, but that was as much to rearrange my legs as it was to give my body time to adjust the intruder. Other than that, I kept going, sliding farther and farther onto him. I shivered rather a lot when the dense fur of his stomach brushed my own needy rod, and for a moment, his felt bigger than ever; he shuddered under me in turn, the hand that no longer needed to steady his cock moving up to squeeze my shoulder. But the moment of tension passed, and I kept sinking down, and then I felt the heat of his thighs under mine as we settled together.

“Mmmm, God, Tim,” he breathed over my ears, his hand sliding partway down my back. “Sarah didn’t get me all the way in, our first time.”

“Almost didn’t think I would, either,” I admitted. I was shivering, but for the moment, keeping still; that was an awfully big hunk of flesh lodged under my tail, and much as part of me enjoyed having that there, another part was making me quite aware that I was pushing my limits as it was.

“You’re something else, you know?” He mouthed at my ear gently, and let a sigh waft over it. “Sarah better hurry back. She’ll flip if she misses this, but… mmmm, soon as you’re ready to start moving, doubt I’ll last very long.”

“Goes double here,” I forced out. Even the little bit of movement we were doing just by breathing was… something else. “Has anyone ever told you your fur feels really nice?”

“A few times. Usually like you’re doing already,” he said with a grin, cupping his hand against my cheek, “if not quite in the same context.”

And that put my imagination to work. “God. How can you be so… so calm about all this?”

He planted a kiss behind my ear. “It’s not because I don’t enjoy it, believe me,” he husked. “If I wasn’t trying to keep steady, I’d have blown my wad before you got halfway down.”

I shuddered. Hard. There really aren’t many stronger ways to say “you’re turning me on” than that. Well, aside from, you know, actually coming. Which I was going to do if he kept up talking like that. I buried my face against his shoulder, but I doubt it muffled the whimpers I was making with each movement, each breath.

Somewhere in there, we did start moving a little more deliberately. Not by much – I guess he’s had plenty of experience with people being stretched to their limits around him. He leaned back a touch, pulling me up, oh, a yard or so – well, an inch, really, but it felt a hell of a lot longer when his cock was actually sliding and stirring around inside me – and then easing me back down. All the while his silky fur kept rubbing against the underside of my cock.

The sound of the door opening was a sort of welcome distraction from the feel of his cock. Her greeting got as far as “Hey, boys, I – ” before her ears caught up with the goings-on in the living room. The door swung shut. There was a thunk from the direction of the kitchen, a few hurried strides, and then – nothing. I could almost hear her jaw drop.

Sam nuzzled at my ears, then lifted his head with a sigh. “Hey, hon,” he rumbled. “See what I found? I just couldn’t resist letting him up on the couch.”

“Oh. My. God. Is he actually – ?”

“Better believe it,” the big skunk groaned, leaning back.

I took as deep a breath as I could muster, twisting around; I couldn’t help but grin at her amazed, wide-eyed stare. “H-hey,” I managed, and shuddered. Not that it could fail to do so, with that much meat jammed in there, but Sam’s cock was rubbing really nicely against my prostate. “N-nice timing – ” My efforts to continue in that vein were interrupted when Sam’s hand slid between us and curled around my cock.

Sarah hustled over and perched on the couch beside us. I was dimly aware of her shrugging out of her coat, somewhat less so of her hand on my shoulders, stroking along my spine. Stuffed to the brim, with a strong hand sliding along my cock, rubbing my glans against the bigger man’s stomach – I gave up on all efforts at meaningful communication at that point; I just clutched at his fur, mewling with every breath.

With so many different kinds of encouragement, I don’t think I lasted ten seconds before hitting so hard an orgasm that the world dimmed. Thrashing in Sam’s lap meant that his cock stirred that much harder inside me and sent my climax that much higher. I thought my balls were going to shrivel up from the torrent I felt rushing out of me. Through it all, the pair of them just held me, Sam tightly, Sarah’s hands wandering more, stroking over my throat as my head rested on her shoulder – and I was just lucid enough to notice when the bigger skunk tensed, groaning long and deep, the liquid heat of his spunk filling in what scant space was left in me and straining for more.

All three of us were panting for the next minute or so – Sarah less so than Sam or I, but obviously not unaffected. Certainly she was the first to act, her hand slipping past my tail, under me – by the sudden shiver he made, stroking Sam’s balls. “Well. That’s this couch well and truly broken in,” she laughed.

“I’m afraid I’ve made rather a mess,” Sam croaked over my ears.

Still clutching at his chest, still panting, but at least without each breath carrying a whimper, I managed to say, “‘s not like there was much room in me for all that.”

“Like you’re one to talk. Look at the mess you made,” Sarah teased.

“Huh?” I opened my eyes, followed her gaze, and boggled.

God. I’d known that was intense, but I’d had no idea I’d actually streaked all the way up to Sam’s cheek.

Groaning deeply again, Sam cupped his hands under my ass, urging me upward. Despite the tight fit, it was with some reluctance that I got my feet against the cushions and pushed upward. Easier out than in, though – especially since his cock was starting to go soft. It was still an impressive mass against his thigh, though. He tensed and shivered, then curled an arm around me and let out another heavy moan, as I glided my fingers along its still-plump length. Pleasantly, the only traces left on his flesh, aside from the lube, were his, a bit of an off-white glaze on the black skin and, indeed, over his balls and onto the couch.

“I think you needed that,” I couldn’t help but say.

“So did you,” laughed Sarah, sitting on my other side, sandwiching me between them. “And that despite being drained twice earlier today alone. You sure you haven’t been moonlighting as a porn star?”

“Yeah, I’m sure,” I laughed, lifting a weary hand to touch her cheek, sighing as she nuzzled along my wrist. “You’re sexier than porn actors, for one thing.”

She laughed against my palm. “You little charmer.” Then she drew back, though. “How about you guys get cleaned up, and I’ll get dinner started early? You must have worked up quite an appetite, there!”

“Sounds delightful,” Sam breathed, giving my shoulders one last squeeze, then easing away. “Come on, stud. You and I have a date upstairs.”

“Let’s just not repeat the horrible pain, okay?” I chuckled, sliding up to my feet and stretching. God, that interlude had left me feeling good. “Apart from that, you’re on.”

Laughing, he gave my much-abused ass a pat and shooed me ahead of him.

The shower was far enough in the future for me to think about. I didn’t know yet what’d happen beyond that, but for the moment? Life was good.

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